What Can You Do with a Drill Press?


Anyone knows that a drill press is the perfect piece of equipment for drilling straight holes in any kind of material. However, a drill press is more versatile than that and you can use it for more than just drilling holes. Here are a few ideas of what you can do with such a piece of machinery.


Depth stop functionality

Depending on the type of project you have to complete, you may sometimes be required to drill holes that stop at a certain level. A power drill press comes with depth stop functionality that sets the depth for the holes drilled, so you can replicate them with maximum accuracy.


Cutting threads

Drilling holes is usually not enough to complete the entire required step of a process. Drilled holes need threads cut inside them, so that you can screw rods into them. You can use your faithful drill press for tapping, as this process is called, in order to create perfect holes.

Drilling angled holes

While drill presses are known to be best for drilling straight holes, there are models that come equipped with an adjustable small table that can be held at an angle in order to drill angled holes.


As a sanding tool

Some drill presses come with a few accessories that increase their value tremendously. For instance, there are certain models that have a sanding accessory that, once attached to the machinery, will start sanding the interior of the holes drilled or of any rounded cuts.



When you drill a hole through a piece of wood, some splinting and chipping may occur on the other side. If you use a deburring attachment for your drill press, you can minimize the occurrence of such mishaps, and your work will be top notch and flawless each and every time.


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