What Common Features Should Your Weather Radio Have?


Weather radios are very handy for people living in areas where tornadoes and hurricanes tend to hit more often, because they can receive the signal broadcast by NOAA and can help you stay informed on any weather changes. If you are looking for a weather radio, you should search for a model that comes with the most common and effective features. Here are the most important features your weather radio should have.

Alert signal

A weather radio is no good if no one listens to it. Staying glued to your weather radio all the time is not a solution, either, so a must have feature is the alert signal. Basically, when something serious is underway, and you need to take precautions to keep safe, the alert signal on your weather radio will let you know right away that there is a tornado or a hurricane coming.


Specific Area Message Encoding – SAME

This is a very useful feature, because it allows you to set your weather radio to receive alerts that are specific to your county and not the entire continent. This way, you will know when it is really the case to pack your emergency kit and run for shelter. Keep in mind that you will have to setup your radio to receive such messages.



A good and reliable weather radio should come equipped with flashlights and flashing beacon lights that can help you reach for other people during extreme weather conditions. Since power sources are the first affected during a storm, having a flashlight ready to use can be a lifesaver, given the circumstances.


Power source

There are all kinds of weather radios on the market, but you should go for one that works with replaceable batteries, or it is a hand crank model. This way, you will not depend on an AC source of electricity for your radio to work.


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