What Lies Behind the Blind Punch


There seems to be quite a mystery around what boxers call the ‘blind punch’. It is well known that your eyes can communicate to your opponent more than what you want to let them know. Basically, if you stare too much in one point, you may give the other a clear idea about where you are going to land your next punch. Professional boxers are known to be experts in landing so called blind punches. As the ones who have happened to be on the receiving end of such punches say, these are the ones that they did not see coming. So, what lies behind this very efficient technique?


Proper heavy bag training

Heavy bag training is essential for boxers. Of course, a heavy bag will not hit you back, but, as you practice your punches, you also need to practice your blind punches while you are hitting hard your heavy bag.

Professional boxers do not look at the bag when they are training. This way, they learn how to land a good efficient punch, without looking at their target. This may seem difficult at first, but, in a while, you will get the hang of it.

Don’t let your eyes wander off

Not looking at the bag is one thing, while letting your eyes wander off is another. It is important to stay focused in order to become a real expert in landing blind punches. You can perceive the presence of your bag, and later on, your opponent, using your other senses. For instance, the type of sound emitted by the bag when you are landing a hit can tell you if you did a good job, or on the contrary, a poor job.

Maintain a good awareness of where your bag is, without looking straight at it. This will help you a great deal when you will be facing a real opponent.


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