What outdoor activities can help you enjoy life more?

I won’t start by saying that we all need to go out more, as everybody keeps stating on Facebook, on TV, in magazine articles and basically through any means of communication around. But since you hear it so much, you ignore it in the same measure. However, going out can have small, but immediate benefits that you generally ignore. Here are a few things that I love doing when I spend my time outdoors and that I believe can improve your lifestyle and give you a more positive attitude.


Riding a bicycle

Run your errands, go to school, take a trip outside the city – there are dozens of things you can do with a bike.The bicycle is an environmental friendly vehicle that helps you get anywhere in a big city faster than a car, and it doesn’t cost anything. Even when it comes to maintenance costs, excepting the now and then check up, the costs connected to owning a bike are extremely reduced. I am constantly amazed about the great number of people choosing the car as a means of transportation in the city over this practical, two-wheeled vehicle. But, in many countries the bicycle has gained increased popularity over the last years.

In addition, riding a bicycle is healthy and it is a pleasant method of burning calories if you are trying to lose weight, one thing that you cannot say about the stationary bicycle at the gym. It is estimated that riding a bicycle at medium speed burns approximately 300 calories and helps you maintain your muscular tonus, as several muscle groups are actuated when pedaling.



What camping means for me, is getting in touch with nature. I rarely have the opportunity to go camping and I would very much appreciate it if I could do it more often. It is within anyone’s range to become a camper, even if they don’t know it yet. You just pack your bag and take a trip to the mountains or set your camp on a beach, surrounded by friends and a guitar.

In addition, camping is an activity that requires very few financial resources. Paying for a camping spot doesn’t exceed 30 dollars per night, while most of them are much cheaper. You only once buy your camping gear ( you might consider truck tent reviews before purchasing one), so even if that can be considered a bigger investment at that moment, it is a well-placed one and one you will learn to appreciate after your first camping trip. Getting away from the hassle and bustle of the city will recharge your energy deposits, make you feel relaxed, increase your appetite and will allow your lungs to breathe clean air. You can use camping to find yourself again. I’m sure anybody who has watched the movie Wild with Reese Witherspoon has at least once considered taking their camping gear and lose themselves for a couple of months into the wilderness.



Take a walk in the park with a book

I’ve never been much of a sports fan, so I prefer walking to playing basketball. And, since parks were intended for recreation, why not go there to do that? There are many activities I can enjoy in the park, but one of my favorites is taking a book with me and reading it while seated on a bench or on a blanket if it’s a warm day. It is just so much easier for me to read when I’m out in the nature. If you don’t get a chance to get away from the city often, going to the park is your best option to relax and read another chapter of a book.


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