What to Expect from a Fish Finder


A lot of people know how easy is to get a fish finder and embark on a fishing trip that has increased chances of having you return with some fish in your bag. However, you should know that a fish finder is not some kind of oracle that will always tell you where to find fish. As long as you keep your expectations within limits, you will be able to make the best out of your fish finder.


Fish finders detect more than just fish

One thing you should know about fish finders is that they detect shapes and movement, which, in most cases, means that there are fish down there, waiting for your angler skills to be put to the test. However, this does not mean that occasionally, other things may move under the water, and cause the screen of your fish finder to react. Things such as floating plants can lead to such readings, but this doesn’t mean that fish finders are not accurate.

Fish finders are still just electronic devices

The ones who complain about fish finders not being able to always tell where fish can be found do not take into account that fish finders are nothing but electronic devices. Just like your cell phone that may start to act up once in a while, fish finders may offer erroneous readings.


Fish finders can break down

Another aspect to take into consideration is that fish finders can suffer malfunctions and even break down once in a while. This, again, can offer a not so satisfactory experience, but, nonetheless, it does not mean that, most of the time, these devices do not work.

Many anglers such as I now use fish finders, and, as far as I can speak for myself, they are quite useful to have around when you go on fishing trips.



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