What You Should Do When Using a Radar Detector


There are plenty of advantages of using a radar detector. I can personally say that there are quite plenty of speeding tickets that I didn’t get because I used such a device, especially when I had to hurry to be at a certain destination at the right time. However, getting a radar detector doesn’t mean that you should forget about being alert on the highway or a good driver. Here are some things I consider everyone should do when they are using a radar detector.


Keep your eyes open & read radar detector reviews

Yes, a radar detector can help you get rid of all kinds of speeding tickets, but it does not replace your need to keep your eyes open all the time. Other kinds of speeding detection systems are now developed and used, so you should not simply count on your radar detector alone. Try to learn from other drivers if there are areas of detection around, so you can drive at a normal speed and avoid any unpleasant consequences.

Protect your radar detector against high temperatures

Like any electronic device, a radar detector is not spared of the occasional malfunctions. If you want to preserve your detector in good working order, common sense dictates to keep it in the shade as much as possible, to avoid malfunctions due to high temperatures. Since this device is close to the windshield, this is not possible all the time, but at least when you park, make sure to put your car somewhere with a bit of shade so you can prolong the lifespan of your radar detector.


Do not overlook weak signal

Weak signals are not necessarily a sign that there is nothing to worry about. There can be interferences to cause the weak signal, but still that could be a sign that a radar is not far ahead. More details on weak signal can be found in this article.


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